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Ladytron band photo 2005

Ladytron Biography

Liverpool, ENGLAND's Synth-Pop Electro-Rock four-piece outfit Ladytron first came together in the late '90s around the core of lead vocalist Helen Marnie, keyboardist + vocalist Mira Aroyo and rhythm box + keyboards players Daniel Hunt and Reuben Wu.

The group debuted in 1999 with the 7-inch "He Took Her To A Movie", followed a year later by the "Mu-Tron" EP.
In February 2001, their first full-length album, "604", was finally released, it spawned a glut of imitators obsessing over vintage synths and asymmetric haircuts, yet Ladytron always stood apart, less concerned with the superficial.

Their darker late 2002 release "Light & Magic" featuring the worldwide cult hit "Seventeen", was toured around the globe for 12 months, selling out coast to coast in the U.S. along the way and eventually hit #7 on the Billboard's Top Electronic Albums chart.

Returning home, they started work immediately on their next record, "Witching Hour", which was released in October 2005 on Island Records, it included the U.K. top 40 hit single "Destroy Everything You Touch".

In May 2008, Ladytron issued its fourth studio effort, "Velocifero", on Nettwerk; the disc became the band's first album to chart on the American Billboard Top 200 reaching #131. Midway through 2008 100 XR played two singles from this record: "Ghosts" and "Tomorrow".

"Gravity The Seducer", the band's next offering, follwed in September 2011.


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Ladytron pictures:

  • Ladytron band 2001 Ladytron band 2001
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