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Laguardia band

Laguardia band photo 2004

Laguardia Biography

Alternative-Rock quartet formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, by vocalist Joshua Ostrander, guitarist Lee Bernstein, bassist Michael Morpurgo and drummer Greg Lyons. The band began work on new material in 2000 getting their stage bones in New York City before touring across the States.

They signed for Universal in early 2003 and in September released the full-length CD titled "Welcome To The Middle", the album was supported by the single "Holy Ghost" and by a tour with The Fire Theft.


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Welcome To The Middle (2003)

Welcome To The Middle
1. Roseanna
2. Holy Ghost
3. Butterfly
4. Sensation
5. Duct Tape
6. Bull Ride
7. Cube
8. Banner
9. Sex
10. Sleepover (116 Overture)
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