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The Lashes

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The Lashes band

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The Lashes Biography

This Alternative-Rock band was founded in Seattle, Washington USA, in February of 2000 by lead singer Ben Clark; it took him a few years, however, to assemble the ideal line-up. To do so, he turned to friends from his native Spokane, which is four hours away from the Emerald City, guitarist Scotty Rickard and bass player Nate Mooter as well as the friends he was making in his new hometown: guitarist Eric Howk, keyboardist Jacob Hoffman and drummer Mike Loggins.

Following their catchy debut EP on Lookout! Records, "The Stupid Stupid", the band's momentum has been unstoppable; sold-out headlining shows and support slots with national contemporary acts only give a small indication of how well things have been going for the boys.
Late in 2004, The Lashes entered Robert Lang Studios to record their debut full-length CD, "Get It", which came out on Columbia Records in February 2006; it includes the single "Sometimes The Sun".


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Get It (2006)

Get It
1. New Best Friend
2. Daddy's Little Girl
3. Sometimes The Sun
4. Safe To Say
5. Please, Please, Please
6. A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody
7. Dear Hollywood
8. Yesterday Feels Like A Year
9. Nate's Song
10. The World Needs More Love Letters
11. Wanna Girl
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