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Leogun band photo 2012

Leogun Biography

Leogun is a three-piece modern grit-Rock band from London, ENGLAND, comprised of lead singer + guitarist Tommy Smith, bass player Matt Johnson and drummer Michael Lloyd

The band's debut single, "Let's Be Friends" carries a slick riff and bombastic beat before slipping into an arena-ready refrain. The track was featured on their eponymous 4-song EP which was released in October 2012.
Leogun's first full-length disc, "By The Reins", was finally released in July 2013. In addition to "Let's Be Friends" the album included another single, "Piggy In The Middle".


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Leogun pictures:

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By The Reins (2013)

By The Reins
1. Piggy In The Middle
2. Let's Be Friends
3. Every Time I Lose
4. What's It Gonna Take
5. I Roll
6. Another Lost Soul
7. Do What You Do
8. Drunk Enough
9. Everyday
10. Medicine
11. By The Reins
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