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Lily Allen

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Lily Allen

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Lily Allen Biography

Pop-Rock singer + songwriter Lily Allen was born May 2, 1985 in London, ENGLAND and is the daughter of the famous U.K. comedian and musician Keith Allen. Between the ages of 5 to 14, she attended thirteen different schools, including the fee-paying, private schools Hill House and notably the exclusive Bedales, famous for being in the top 5 most expensive schools in Britain. After being signed to Warner and leaving after a short time and not releasing any material, Allen was picked up by Regal Records, a subsidiary of EMI Group; she also set up her own blog, uploading tracks she had written. She gained a massive web following and reviews of her music started to appear in prominent U.K. music publications.

At 21, in July 2006, Allen's official debut single, "Smile", reached the #1 spot on the British Official Pop chart, after her first album, "Alright, Still", was released; the CD eventually climbed into the top 3 of the U.K. Albums chart and supplied her with a further U.K. top 10 hit with "LDN". "Smile" was also a big hit throughout Europe and a #49 Hot 100 entry in U.S. where the album reached the #20 position on The Billboard Top 200 chart.

"It's Not Me, It's You", the follow-up to Allen's critically acclaimed debut, was released in February 2009 and catapulted to #1 in Australia, U.K. and Canada while the main single, "The Fear", debuted at #1 in her native England making it into the top 10 all over Europe. In U.S. the album peked at #5 on The Billboard 200 but the first single, "The Fear" didn't rise higher than #80 on The Billboard Hot 100.


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    "Alright, Still" era, 2006
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