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Living Deäd Lights

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Living Dead Lights

Living Dead Lights band photo 2013

Living Dead Lights Biography

Based in Los Angeles, California USA, multi-cultural Alternative-Rock outfit Living Deäd Lights sprung to life in 2008 when they released a self-titled 5-track EP. The band consists of Kyoto-native singer + guitarist Taka Tamada, Californian guitarist Alan Dämien, Irish bassist Martin Kelly and Texan drummer Nick Battani.

Latest News:

The quartet is ready with their first record album, "Black Letters". The disc is due out January 27, 2014 and will be lead by the first single "This is Our Evolution".


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Living Dead Lights pictures:

  • Living Dead Lights band 2009 Living Dead Lights band 2009
    Living Dead Lights 2009

Black Letters (2014)

Cover-Art posted on livingdeadlights.com
Black Letters
Tracklisting posted on livingdeadlights.com

1. I'll Be Your Frankenstein
2. It’s Drowning In My Veins
3. This Is Our Evolution
4. Everybody
5. Vacant
6. Follow
7. I'm Dead To Myself
8. Amerikan Eyes
9. Johnny
10. Hey Stranger!
11. Falling Down
12. Ghosts And Saints
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