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Living Things band

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Living Things Biography

The Alternative-Rock act Living Things emerged from St. Louis, Missouri USA, in spring 2003 with an EP called "Turn In Your Friends And Neighbors", their songs have politically driven lyrics. Comprising of a trio of brothers, vocalist + guitarist Lillian Berlin, bassist Eve Berlin and drummer Bosh Berlin, the band toured incessantly throughout the St. Louis area, as well as in Chicago, New York, Nashville, Los Angeles and even Europe, opening for bands as diverse as Velvet Revolver and The Vines. Along the way they picked up Corey Becker, a friend from St. Louis, to add additional guitar on the road.

In August 2004, Living Things released a full-length album, "Black Skies In Broad Daylight", on DreamWorks Records which included two singles: "I Owe" and "Bombs Below".

The quartet returned a year later with "Ahead Of The Lions", which was issued on Jive, an imprint of Zomba Label Group; much of the material was taken from their previous discs, one of the new song was the Active-Rock top 40 radio single "Bom Bom Bom" which also crossed over into The Modern Rock Tracks peaking at #21.

The group worked diligently for nearly two years on their next album, "Habeas Corpus", which can be described as an extension and evolution of the previous effort. Spearheaded by the delirious lead off single "Let It Rain", the CD arrived at the stores in February 2009. The disc contained another minor hit single, "Oxygen".

In March 2011 Living Things released a brand new mixtape, "Malocchio", for free via their newly launched WebSite, LivingThingsBand.com.

Now operating as a three-piece, the Berlin siblings returned in May 2012 with the electrifying single "Fake It Baby, Fake It (La Dame Nature)".


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