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Longview band

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Longview Biography

Alternative-Rock Pop-Rock four-piece band from Manchester ENGLAND, formed in 2002 by vocalist Rob McVey, guitarist Doug Morch, bassist Aidan Banks and drummer Matt Dabbs.

They initially recorded a single called "Further", which was followed by a couple of indie EPs and in the spring of 2003 was re-released their debut single which spent one week on the British Pop chart reaching the the #31 spot; around the same time Longview finished recording their debut full-length album, "Mercury" and ended the year with a tour of the U.K. opening for Elbow.
During 2004 the band signed to Columbia Records for the U.S. releases; their North American debut album, "Mercury", hit stores in March 2005.


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Mercury (2003)

1. Further
2. Can't Explain
3. Electricity
4. When You Sleep
5. If You Asked
6. I Would
7. Nowhere
8. Falling For You
9. Falling Without You
10. Still
11. Will You Wait Here
12. This Is
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