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Lou Gramm

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Lou Gramm Discography

Ready Or Not (1987)

Ready Or Not
1. Ready Or Not
2. Heartache
3. Midnight Blue
4. Time
5. If I Don't Have You
6. She's Got To Know
7. Arrow Thru Your Heart
8. Until I Make You Mine
9. Chain Of Love
10. Lover Come Back

Long Hard Look (1989)

Long Hard Look
1. Angel With A Dirty Face
2. Just Between You And Me
3. Broken Dreams
4. True Blue Love
5. I'll Come Running
6. Hangin' On My Hip
7. Warmest Rising Sun
8. Day One
9. I'll Know When It's Over
10. Tin Soldier

¬ credited: The Lou Gramm Band

The Lou Gramm Band (2009)

The Lou Gramm Band self-titled album
1. Made To Be Broken
2. Redeemer
3. Willing To Forgive
4. That's The Way God Planned It
5. Baptized By Fire
6. (I Wanna) Testify
7. So Great
8. Single Vision
9. Rattle Yer Bones
10. You Saved Me
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