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Love.45 band

Love.45 band photo 2004

Love.45 Biography

Aternarive-Rock quartet stowed away in their native Denver, Colorado USA to play music initially in small clubs and formed in the summer of 1998 by vocalist + bassist Danny Elster, lead guitarist Paul Trinidad Jr., rhythm guitarist Micki Shivers and drummer Jim Messina.

The guys soon recorded a self-financed LP entitled "Day-Glo" which was followed, in the fall of 1999, by their self-titled second indie-album.
They then decided to tour the United States with stops in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Las Vegas; two and a half years later the band issued a third album, "Larger Than Life".

In the summer of 2003 3 Doors Down's guitarist Chris Henderson invited Love.45 to Seattle to record a demo-EP which eventually landed them a deal with Rock Ridge Music who released in November 2004 an album, again self-titled, which included the single "Way Down".


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