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Macklemore photo 2012

Macklemore Biography

Born in 1983 in Seattle, Washington USA, hip-hop artist Ben Haggerty, began performing under the name of Macklemore while a high school student there.

Macklemore's debut album "The Language Of My World" arrived in 2005, it was well received by undergroud media who noted his fresh perspective and a striking balance of insight and levity.

After several subsequent years of artistic stagnation and frustration due to substance abuse, Macklemore made a commitment to sobriety with a newfound, more intrinsic dedication to his music. The catalyst to this change was establishing a partnership with Ryan Lewis, an accomplished, consummate artist in design, photography and production, who also collaborated as Macklemore's touring DJ. In 2009 they released their first EP followed a year later by another 6-track digital set and in October 2012 the two put out a full album titled "The Heist" which includes the Alternative top 40 smash single "Thrift Shop".


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The Language Of My World (2005)

The Language Of My World
1. intro
2. White Privilege
3. B-Boy
4. Claiming The City
5. Fake ID
6. Hold Your Head Up
7. Ego
8. Inhale Deep
9. Bush Song
10. Good For You
11. I Said Hey
12. Penis Song
13. The Magic
14. City Don't Sleep
15. Love Song
16. Remember High School
17. Contradiction
18. Soldiers
19. As Soon As I Wake Up
20. My Language

¬ credited: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

The Heist (2012)

The Heist
1. Ten Thousand Hours
2. Can't Hold Us
3. Thrift Shop
4. Thin Line
5. Same Love
6. Make The Money
7. Neon Cathedral
8. Bombom
9. White Walls
10. Jimmy Iovine
11. Wings
12. A Wake
13. Gold
14. Starting Over
15. Cowboy Boots
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