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Madam Adam

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Madam Adam

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Madam Adam Biography

With a palindrome for a moniker, the Alternative-Rock band Madam Adam is composed of four members that have played together for over a decade. Lead singer + guitarist Scott Gould, guitarist Drew Reindollar, bassist Kenny Varner and drummer Matthew Reindollar had a head start, assembling in middle school in Charleston, South Carolina USA and managing to maintain the same line-up from the very beginning.

Equal parts driving and melodious, with refreshing catchiness and body moving rhythms, the group conjures forth a debut album thick with stadium-worthy anthems recalling the brightest spots of the Seattle grunge movement and the sexual bombast of '70s AM radio Rock. Madam Adam's self-titled first offering arrived in stores in April 2011 via Roadrunner Records. The disc includes the fun, rocking single "Sex Ain't Love", Reindollar's drums were recorded and put through tape in an effort to recapture tones that have been lost on modern records.


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Madam Adam (2011)

Madam Adam self-titled album
1. Sex Ain't Love
2. Fall From Grace
3. These Are The Days
4. The Story Of Us
5. Forgotten
6. Drugs
7. Wicked
8. Best Shot At A Love Song
9. Rewind
10. The Art Of Lying
11. San Francisco
12. Secret
13. Silence
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