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Mae band

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Mae Biography

This Pop-Rock Alternative-Rock Norfolk, Virginia USA-based outfit, initially started out as a recording project with vocalist+guitarist Dave Elkins, real name Dave Gimenez and drummer Jacob Marshall; the two went on to record a few songs at the start of 2001, playing all the instruments themselves; within a short time, they were joined by guitarist Matt Beck, keyboardist Rob Sweitzer and bassist Mark Padgett.

Mae, an acronym for Multisensory Aesthetic Experience, started to play gigs around their native country sharing the stage with Coheed And Cambria.
The quintet released the debut album, "Destination: Beautiful", in February 2003 on Tooth & Nail and continued to tour with contemporary acts such as Simple Plan, Brand New and Something Corporate.
Not long after, Matt Beck left the band to be replaced by guitarist Zach Gehring.
In spring 2005 the group issued its sophomore full-length album "The Everglow", it included the single "Suspension". While Tooth & Nail typically is lumped as a Christian label, their second studio-record shot to #1 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums chart and later reached #51 on The Billboard 200 Sales chart.

For their third album "Singularity", the members of the modern Rock troop Mae headed to Los Angeles where they hooked up with producer Howard Benson. The disc was issued on Capitol Records in August 2007, it includes the single "Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone".


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Mae pictures:

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    Group shot 2005

Destination: Beautiful (2003)

Destination: Beautiful
1. Embers And Envelopes
2. This Time Is The Last Time
3. All Deliberate Speed
4. Runaway
5. Sun
6. Last Call
7. Skyline Drive
8. Soundtrack For Our Movie
9. Summertime
10. Giving It Away
11. Goodbye, Goodnight

The Everglow (2005)

The Everglow
1. prologue
2. We're So Far Away
3. Someone Else's Arms
4. Suspension
5. This Is The Countdown
6. Painless
7. The Ocean
8. Breakdown
9. Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
10. Cover Me
11. The Everglow
12. Ready And Waiting To Fall
13. Anything
14. The Sun And The Moon
15. Epilogue

Singularity (2007)

1. Brink Of Disaster
2. Crazy 8s
3. Sometimes I Can't Make It Alone
4. Just Let Go
5. On Top
6. Waiting
7. Sic Semper Tyrannis
8. Release Me
9. Telescopes
10. Rocket
11. Home
12. Reflections
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