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Magna-Fi photo 2002

Magna-Fi Biography

Alternative-Rock quartet based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA but formed in 2001 by Cleveland-native brothers vocalist Mike and guitarist C.J. Szuter, the two enlisted the help of friends Rob Kley on bass and Charlie Smaldino on drums.

These guys have shared bills and performed with various alt-Rock acts such as Disturbed, Tonic, Oleander and Candlebox; along the way they found time to record their independent debut "Burn Out The Stars", which caught the attention of Aezra Records who released the album in mid-2002.


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Burn Out The Stars (2002)

Burn Out The Stars
1. Where Did We Go Wrong
2. When I Leave You
3. Down In It
4. Drown
5. This Life
6. TV Killed Me
7. Beautiful
8. Seconds, Minutes, Hours
9. My Heaven
10. Bradbury Heights
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