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Mark Tremonti

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Mark Tremonti

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Mark Tremonti Biography

The youngest of three children, Mark Thomas Tremonti was born on April 18, 1974, in the Grosse Point neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan USA, to Italian-American parents Michael and Mary, next to his brothers, Michael II and Daniel. He was greatly inspired by Hard-Rock music and around Christmas in 1985, he bought his first guitar; initially Mark signed up for guitar lessons, but quit after one lesson as he says, “they were teaching me "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and I wanted to play "Master Of Puppets"”. Alternatively, he started teaching himself from tab books and practicing his favorite songs by ear until he got them right.
After his freshman year, for financial reasons he transferred to Florida State University in Tallahassee, where he reunited with high school classmate Scott Stapp. In 1995 the two, along with bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips, formed the post-Grunge multi-platinum band Creed. In 2000, Marshall abruptly left the band due to tensions with Stapp.
In early 2004, before Creed's breakup was announced, Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips decided that they should part ways with Stapp for good and start a new band, Alter Bridge, which also included lead singer Myles Kennedy and Creed veteran Brian Marshall.
After five years the four original members of Creed get back together to record new material and in 2009 put out their fourth studio album.
While the reunited foursome wrapped up their 2009 tour, Alter Bridge began to prepare for their next offering, 2010's "AB III".

While Alter Bridge toured in support of its third album, in various interviews Mark Tremonti slowly solidified his intentions to record a solo album.  Before long he announced that his friend and Creed touring guitarist Eric Friedman would join the project on guitar + bass and former Submursed drummer Garrett Whitlock would handle the drums.  The three began composing and recording during the early 2011 break between Alter Bridge tours, while Kennedy toured with Slash.
"All I Was", Tremonti's first solo album was released in July 2012 peaking at #29 on The Billboard 200; it features the Active Rock top 40 hit single "You Waste Your Time".


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All I Was (2012)

All I Was
1. Leave It Alone
2. So You're Afraid
3. Wish You Well
4. Brains
5. The Things I've Seen
6. You Waste Your Time
7. New Way Out
8. Giving Up
9. Proof
10. All I Was
11. Doesn't Matter
12. Decay
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