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Matisyahu photo 2012

Matisyahu Biography

Matthew Miller was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania USA, on June 30, 1979; shortly after his birth, the Miller family moved to Berkeley, California and eventually settled in White Plains, New York. By his teen years, Matthew Miller took his first trip to Israel, this was a major turning point for him; at the age of 19 he returned to New York where he adopted the name Matisyahu and started to develop the unique Reggae Hip-Hop sound for which he would one day become known.

Matisyahu then put together a backing band featuring guitarist Aaron Dugan, bass player Josh Werner and drummer Jonah David and in 2004, released his first full-length album, "Shake Off The Dust... Arise", through the non-profit record company JDub.

A year later, the group followed it up with the concert album, "Live At Stubb's" which climbed into the top 30 of The Billboard 200 chart highlighted by the Modern Rock top 10 hit "King Without A Crown", this single also debuted inside The Billboard Hot 100 at #28.

In March 2006 Matisyahu released his second studio record, "Youth", on JDub/EMI Records, it soared to #4 on The Billboard 200 with the title-track rising to #19 on The Hot Modern Rock Tracks.

2009 saw Matisyahu and The Crystal Method recorded a high-energy single "Drown In The Now" for the L.A.-based duo's fourth album "Divided By Night".
The Hasidic Jewish Reggae singer also unleashed his third studio album, "Light", which peaked at #19 on The Billboard 200; it contained an anthem of hope, the single "One Day", that stopped just short of the Alternative Songs top 20, at #21.

After shaving off his signature facial hair, Matisyahu began recording his next full-length disc, "Spark Seeker", which was finally released in July 2012 and hit #19 on The Billboard 200. The disc's first single was the excellent fresh summer tune entitled "Sunshine".


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Matisyahu pictures:

  • Matisyahu and the band 2005 Matisyahu and the band 2005
    Matisyahu & his band - live in 2005
  • Matisyahu 2009 Matisyahu 2009
    "Light" era (2009)