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Matt Costa

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Matt Costa

Matt Costa photo 2012

Matt Costa Biography

Singer + songwriter Matt Costa was born June 16, 1982 in Huntington Beach, California USA. At age twelve, he received his first guitar but it was quickly shelved due to his interest in skateboarding; however, a skate accident shattered his leg and required 18 months of recovery and rehabilitation. Costa then turned back to the guitar and began recording demos on a four-track machine.

In 2003, one of Matt Costa's recordings was circling among his friends and acquaintances and it found its way into the hands of No Doubt's guitarist Tom Dumont. Dumont offered Matt Costa the use of his studio, which led to the self-titled 5-song EP release in 2003.

The next release was the indie 2005's full-length "Songs We Sing". That summer Costa opened for Jack Johnson and the Huntington Beach resident was eventually signed to Brushfire Records who re-issued his first album in March 2006. "Songs We Sing" hit the top 10 of the Billboard's Heatseekers Albums chart producing two singles: "Sunshine" and "Cold December".

On the strength of the folky catchy tunes, which displays his gentle artistry and skillful acoustic guitar playing, Costa earned a rep as an L.A. buzz act, crisscrossed the U.S. in a van and performed at all the major North American music festivals including Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits among others. He returned to California and wrote nearly all of his second LP, "Unfamiliar Faces", in Sacramento, then recorded the album in the spring of 2007 in Santa Ana, again with Dumont. The CD was finally released in the fall reaching the #59 position on The Billboard 200 and peaked at #22 on the Top Canadian Albums chart; it included two minor hit singles, the infectious "Mr. Pitiful" and "Cigarette Eyes".

In September 2010 Matt Costa returned with his third full-length disc, "Mobile Chateau". It contained the single "Witchcraft", that, like the album, failed to dent the chart.

His next outing, a self-titled 10-song LP, followed in February 2013. "Matt Costa" was recorded with long-time Belle & Sebastian producer Tony Doogan at the helm, in Scotland.


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Matt Costa pictures:

  • Matt Costa 2006 Matt Costa 2006
    "Songs We Sing" era
  • Matt Costa 2010 Matt Costa 2010
    Matt Costa 2010

Songs We Sing (2006)

Songs We Sing
1. Cold December
2. Astair
3. Sweet Thursday
4. Sunshine
5. These Arms
6. Ballad Of Miss Kate
7. Sweet Rose
8. Songs We Sing
9. Yellow Taxi
10. I Tried
11. Behind The Moon
12. Oh Dear
13. Wash Away

Unfamiliar Faces (2007)

1. Mr. Pitiful
2. Lilacs
3. Never Looking Back
4. Emergency Call
5. Vienna
6. Unfamiliar Faces
7. Cigarette Eyes
8. Downfall
9. Trying To Lose My Mind
10. Bound
11. Heart Of Stone
12. Miss Magnolia

Mobile Chateau (2010)

1. The Season
2. Johnny's Love Of Majik
3. Drive
4. Mobile Chateau
5. Can You Tell Me
6. Idol
7. Witchcraft
8. Painted Face
9. Bleeding Hearts
10. Secret
11. Strings Of Change
12. Next Time

Matt Costa (2013)

Matt Costa self-titled album
1. Loving You
2. Early November
3. Eyes For You
4. Good Times
5. Shotgun
6. Clipped Wings
7. Laura Lee
8. Silver Sea
9. Ophelia
10. Golden Cathedrals
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