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Megadeth photo 2013

Megadeth Biography

Based in Los Angeles, California USA, the Thrash-Metal Heavy-Metal band Megadeth was founded in 1984 by singer + guitarist Dave Mustaine, who was one of the original members from the first incarnation of Metallica, but he was fired because his drug abuse. Shortly afterwards Mustaine hooked up with bassist Dave Ellefson and within a year the pair recruited guitarist Chris Poland and drummer Gar Samuelson.

Megadeth's first album, "Killing Is My Business... ...And Business Is Good!", was released in 1985 to little attention; highlights include a retooled version of Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots " and "Mechanix", a Mustaine composition written with James Hetfield.

One year later, "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?", the band's Capitol debut and the first of six consecutive platinum albums, cracked The Billboard Top 200 chart coming in at #76 cementing their reputation as one of the most innovative Thrash-Metal acts.

After a few changes in the line-up, Megadeth, recorded 1988's "So Far, So Good...So What!" and 1990's "Rust In Peace" with guitarist Marty Friedman and drummer Nick Menza; both of these records climbed into the top 30 in the U.S. with the latter becoming their first British top 10 album.

In the summer of 1992, the group released "Countdown To Extinction" which would prove to be their breakthrough commercial success peaking at #5 in U.K. and #2 on the American Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, selling well over 2 million copies in the U.S. alone. It contained three Mainstream Rock top 30 hits including the worldwide smash "Symphony Of Destruction", "Sweating Bullets" and "Foreclosure Of A Dream".
One year later, Megadeth with the single, "Angry Again", taken from movie soundtrack "Last Action Hero", entered the top 20 of The Mainstream Rock chart.

Mustaine sought treatment for his drug and alcohol problems before the recording sessions of the band's sixth effort. "Youthanasia", which arrived in 1994, crashed into the top 5 of The Billboard Top 200 chart spawning excellent Metal tunes and power ballads such as the Active Rock top 40s "Train Of Consequences" and "A Tout Le Monde".

The following year was released the rarities collection "Hidden Treasures", which scraped the bottom of the top 100 of the Official U.S. Albums chart.

1997's "Cryptic Writings" peaked at #10 on The Billboard 200 and yielded four top 20 hits at active-Rock radio, including the #5 "Trust", the #8 "Almost Honest", "Use The Man" and "A Secret Place". However, the album, failed to breach the top 20 in Great Britain.

Two years later Megadeth released "Risk" which featured a Pop-Metal slant unheard on previous band's recordings and change in the line-up occurred when Menza left, so Jimmy DeGrasso joined as the new drummer; the record hit the top 20 of the North American albums charts but stalled at gold status in U.S. where both, "Crush 'Em" and "Breadline", peaked at #6 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks.

After leaving Capitol and losing longtime guitarist Marty Friedman who was replaced by Al Pitrelli, the group signed with the BMG subsidiary Sanctuary Records who released in May 2001 "The World Needs A Hero", it reached the #16 position on The Billboard 200 Albums chart, but its main single, "Moto Psycho", missed the top 20 of the Active Rock chart.
In January 2002 a freak injury, Mustaine fell asleep on his arm, causing nerve damage, forced the frontman to put his career and Megadeth on hiatus, while reassessing both.
Mustaine returned to action during 2004; his band, which now included lead guitarist Glen Drover, bassist James MacDonough and drummer Shawn Drover, delivered "The System Has Failed"; the CD debuted at #18 in U.S. and at #10 in Canada upon its September release, while the lead single, "Die Dead Enough", hit #21 on The Mainstream Rock chart and "Of Mice And Men" reached the #39 slot on the same chart.

In May 2007, Megadeth, which saw frontman Dave Mustaine joined by bassist James LoMenzo and the sibling tandem of Glen Drover and Shawn Drover on guitar and drums, issued "United Abominations", the band's first record for the Roadrunner label and their first U.S. top 10 album in ten years; it included the first single, a duet between Mustaine and Lacuna Coil's Cristina Scabbia, "A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)" as well as 100 XR's fave and CD's opening cut "Sleepwalker".

September 2009 saw Mustaine and company release the band's twelfth studio album, "Endgame". The CD Recorded at the band's brand new, self-built studio in San Marcos, California, climbed inside the top 10 on both The Billboard 200 and the Canadian Albums charts; the disc was also the first release to feature new guitarist Chris Broderick. Three singles were taken off it: "Head Crusher", "44 Minutes" and the Mainstream Rock top 40 hit "The Right to Go Insane".

Megadeth's next outing, "TH1RT3EN", the first since 2001's "The World Needs A Hero" to utilize the talents of bassist and founding member Dave Ellefson, arrived in November 2011 and went to #11 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart while the lead-off single, "Public Enemy No. 1", reached the #28 position on the Active Rock chart.

Latest News:

Metal heavyweights' 2013 album, "Super Collider", is set for release on June 4.


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Megadeth pictures:

  • Megadeth band lineup mid 80s Megadeth band lineup mid 80s
    The band line-up mid-'80s, LtoR: Chris Poland, Dave Mustaine, Gar Samuelson & David Ellefson
  • Megadeth band 2004 Megadeth band 2004
    Megadeth 2004: LtoR: Glen Drover, Dave Mustaine, James MacDonough & Shawn Drover
  • Megadeth band 2007 Megadeth band 2007
    Megadeth 2007