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Michael Penn

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Michael Penn

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Michael Penn Biography

Although singer+songwriter Michael Penn was born in New York City, USA, on August 1, 1958, he has spent most of his life as a resident of Los Angeles; he is the son of actor+TV shows director Leo Penn and Irish-Italian actress Eileen Ryan and his younger brothers are actors Chris and Sean Penn, the latter, now recognized as one of the finest actors of his generation, married Madonna in 1985.
Michael Penn began playing music while still in high school, but it was during an appearance on NBC's Saturday Night Live, in 1987, that he decided to opt for a career in the music halls.

Released in 1989, his first single, "No Myth", became an unexpected smash hit, it crashed into the top 5 of The Modern Rock Tracks chart and peaked at #13 on The Billboard Hot 100 sending his debut album, "March", to #31 slot on The Billboard Top 200 chart. The record included two more hit singles: "This And That" and the Modern Rock top 20, "Brave New World".
Penn delivered his sophomore set, "Free-For-All", in September 1992; the main single, "Seen The Doctor", soared to the #5 spot on The Modern Rock chart, but the album failed to rise above the #160 on The Billboard 200 list. The second single, "Long Way Down (Look What The Cat Drug In)", also entered The Modern Rock chart reaching the #14.
After an extended period of silence, he returned in the summer of 1997 with "Resigned", but his third album never cracked the charts.
A few months later Michael Penn married fellow singer+songwriter Aimee Mann.
February 2000 saw the release of his fourth album, "MP4 (Days Since A Lost Time Accident)"; Epic's support for the record was mediocre and Michael Penn once again failed to break the American charts. The artist then moved on and started his own imprint, Mimeograph Records.

Michael Penn's latest offering, "Mr. Hollywood Jr., 1947", was inspired by 1947 America. His fifth album, released in August 2005, includes the radio single "On Automatic".


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