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Middle Class Rut

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Middle Class Rut

Middle Class Rut photo 2013

Middle Class Rut Biography

The Alternative-Rock duo Middle Class Rut consists of vocalist + guitarist Zack Lopez and vocalist + drummer Sean Stockham. The group's two members have been playing together since they were teenagers, camping out in Lopez's mom's house in Sacramento, California USA, to write and record the songs they wrote.
The duo's first band, Leisure, dissolved in early 2003 after a few false starts, sending Lopez to work construction and Stockham to labor as a studio runner in Los Angeles. But they soon realized stopping wasn't an option. Sean moved back to Sacramento and Zack began driving up every weekend from L.A. to write and rehearse music. After a year of commuting up and down the California coast, Zack Lopez relocated as well, solidifying a future for the pair's new band.

They record every song they write almost immediately in their rehearsal space, capturing the instantaneous spirit of a track while still in the moment. Released in October 2010, Middle Class Rut's debut album, "No Name No Color", is a collection of these recordings, which the two elected to use rather than attempt to recreate the spark of the original tracks later in a studio. The disc only reached #22 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart, however, it yielded a big Alternative hit with "New Low" which rocketed to #6 on The Hot Modern Rock Tracks; the subsequent single, "Busy Bein' Born", peaked at #26 and "Are You On Your Way" reached the #33 position on the same chart.

Middle Class Rut issued their second album, "Pick Your Head Up", in May 2013, on Bright Antenna Records. The high-octane tune "Aunt Betty" was the first single pulled from the full-length disc, the track stopped just short of the Active Rock top 30, at #31 and squeaked into the top 40 of The Alternative Songs chart.


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    Zack Lopez - Sean Stockham (2008)
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    Middle Class Rut 2010

No Name No Color (2010)

No Name No Color
1. Busy Bein' Born
2. USA
3. New Low
4. Lifelong Dayshift
5. One Debt Away
6. Are You On Your Way
7. Alive Or Dead
8. I Guess You Could Say
9. Sad To Know
10. Dead End
11. Thought I Was
12. Cornbread

Pick Up Your Head (2013)

Pick Up Your Head
1. Born Too Late
2. Leech
3. Weather Vein
4. No More
5. Cut The Line
6. Sing While You Slave
7. Dead Eye
8. Pick Up Your Head
9. Police Man
10. You Don't Belong
11. Aunt Betty
12. Take A Shot
13. I Need To Know
14. Nothin'
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