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Midnight To Twelve

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Midnight To Twelve

Midnight To Twelve photo 2008

Midnight To Twelve Biography

The Alternative-Rock band Midnight To Twelve was born when founder bassist & co-songwriter Al Baca, enlisted Nashville-based friend vocalist Jon Hartman and convinced him to move to the West Coast. In Los Angeles, California USA, the two joined forces with keyboardist Steve Oliver; soon afterwards, they found guitarist Daniel Jordan through an ad in a local paper and with Drew Molleur on the drum throne a bit later, the line-up was complete.

Always willing to do the hard work involved in establishing themselves in a competitive market like Los Angeles, the band played all around town, slowly building their audience.
Midnight To Twelve sold some 13,000 copies of their first independently-made recording, out of its tour bus. These sales figures are a testament to the band's powerful live show, as both a solo touring act and as opener for such bands as Buckcherry, Jimmy Eat World, Evanescence, Joan Jett and Saliva. Their debut full-length disc, "King Of Spain", hit store shelves in February 2006 through JKH/Koch Records.

July 2008 saw Midnight To Twelve release its self-titled second album; the 12-song set featured most of the material from their previous LP, including the soaring, pop-savvy first single "Slam" which peaked at #35 on The Hot Mainstream Rock chart.


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King Of Spain (2006)

King Of Spain
1. How Bad
2. King Of Spain
3. Remembering
4. Burnin'
5. Slam
6. Rhyme Or Reason
7. Future
8. Moment
9. Contain It
10. Too Much
11. Check List
12. Don't Know The Way

Midnight To Twelve (2008)

Midnight To Twelve self-titled album
1. How Bad
2. Future
3. Story
4. Burnin'
5. Slam
6. Good Morning Again
7. Rhyme Or Reason
8. Contain It
9. Remembering
10. Too Much
11. Moment
12. King Of Spain
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