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Mindset Evolution

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Mindset Evolution

Mindset Evolution photo 2013

Mindset Evolution Biography

What started out as an acoustic project between singer + songwriter Rob Ulrich and bassist Josh Bodeen, in 2005, in Peoria, Illinois USA, quickly developed into a full band operation, recruiting guitarist Brad Prentice and drummer Josh Blue.
Working relentlessly in their home region of the Midwest, the Alternative-Rock troop Mindset Evolution developed a strong fan base playing to crowds of thousands with such bands as Puddle Of Mudd, Tantric, Drowning Pool, Nonpoint, Smile Empty Soul, Five Finger Death Punch, Sevendust, Sponge and many more.

In early 2009 the group released its first album, "Taking Back Today", on the indie label PTP Entertainment.

Subsequently the band expanded to a quintet, adding guitarist Skyler Baer and replaced the original drummer with Joey Gibbz.

Latest News:

Mindset Evolution are out with a new single titled "Burn It Down" with the full album tentatively to follow in the summer 2013.


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Mindset Evolution pictures:

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    Mindset Evolution 2011

Taking Back Today (2009)

Taking Back Today
1. Drunk Dialing
2. Wait Steady
3. Naked Truth
4. Not So Simple
5. Soapbox Jester
6. The Calling
7. The Victim
8. Drowning In Make Believe
9. The Point
10. Footprints
11. I'm Not Anything

as-yet-untitled (2013)

no cover
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