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Mobile band

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Mobile Biography

First formed in high school as a collaboration between friends, neighbors and fond musical acquaintances, the Alternative-Rock troop Mobile emerged from Montreal, CANADA, indie music scene in 2003 with vocalist Mat Joly, guitarists Christian 'Criq' Brais and Frank Williamson, bassist Dominic Viola and drummer Pierre-Marc Hamelin.

The Francophone five-piece band released their debut disc, "Tomorrow Starts Today", in spring 2006. Already highly acclaimed, winning a 2006 Juno award as New Group of the Year and hugely successful in their native Canada, where their first CD hit #10 on the Pop Albums chart and went on to become gold-certified, Mobile, signed with Californian label The Militia Group and tried to conquer the United States with the single "Montreal Calling".

In October 2008 the band released their second album, "Tales From The City"; it included the Canadian Rock radio hit single "The Killer".


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Mobile pictures:

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    Mobile the band in 2007

Tomorrow Starts Today (2006)

Tomorrow Starts Today
1. Hands Tied
2. New York Minute
3. Out Of My Head
4. Montreal Calling
5. See Right Through Me
6. Lookin' Out
7. Scars
8. Dusting Down The Stars
9. Tomorrow Starts Today
10. How Can I Be Saved
11. Lovedrug
12. Bleeding Words

Tales From The City (2008)

Tales From The City
1. Daylight Breaks
2. Mother
3. Hit The Floor #7
4. The Killer
5. No Tomorrow
6. Gravity
7. Slow Motion Car Crash
8. Sweet Light
9. Live To Find
10. All Is Forgiven
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