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Moby Biography

Richard Melville Hall was born on September 11, 1965 in Harlem, New York City USA, he received his nickname as a child; Moby began playing guitar when he was 10 years old and later mastered bass, drums and keyboards. During the '80s he started his first Punk-Rock Synth-Pop projects and perfomed as a DJ in several New York's dance clubs.

By 1991, he released the theme from David Lynch's television series "Twin Peaks", which was entitled "Go", the disc eventually cracked the top 10 of The U.K. Singles chart.

The hit was followed by an array of EPs, single-CDs and his first American tour with The Shamen.
Moby released his debut full-length album in 1992; the eponymously titled 12-track set included "Go" and spawned two more huge club success in "Next Is The E" and "Drop A Beat"; he continued to tour constantly with major acts such as The Prodigy.

During 1993 Moby released the single "Move" which topped the Billboard's Dance chart and cracked the top 40 of the British chart; his second full-length album, "Ambient", which gathered early material, was released that August.

Two years later "Everything Is Wrong", his first album on Elektra Records, garnered much critical acclaim and had limited chart success on Billboard's Top Heatseekers.

In September of 1996 Moby unleashed in U.K. an industrial-inflected alt-Rock album entitled "Animal Rights" through Mute Records; the disc was repackaged and re-issued early the next year in U.S. to mixed reviews and poor sales.
He later worked on some film music, including the "James Bond Theme", the track rose to #8 in Great Britain, topped the Dance charts Stateside and preceded the release of his collection of cinematic instrumental work "I Like To Score".

In 1998, Moby parted ways with Elektra and in June of the following year he released the masterpiece "Play" on V2 Records, it climbed into the top 40 of The Billboard 200 Albums list, becoming platinum in over twenty countries and eventually went on to sell 10 million copies; the disc included four Modern Rock top 30 hit singles: "Bodyrock", "Porcelain", "Natural Blues" and the #3 "South Side" recorded with Gwen Stefani of No Doubt, this track also peaked at #14 on The Billboard Hot 100.

In mid-2002 his sixth album of all-new-material, "18", shot to #4 on The Billboard Top 200 and to #1 on the Top Canadian Albums charts spawning the Modern Rock top 30 hit, "We Are All Made Of Stars".

"Hotel" arrived in March 2005, reaching the #28 position on The Billboard 200 and the top 3 in several European countries, but failed to produce any major hits.

"Last Night" which dropped in April 2008 on Mute Records, suffered a similar fate; "Alice", the first single, did not enter the charts at all.

Moby's latest album, "Wait For Me", was released in June 2009.


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