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Modern Day Zero

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Modern Day Zero

Modern Day Zero photo 2007

Modern Day Zero Biography

The Saint Louis, Missouri USA-based Alternative-Rock outfit, Modern Day Zero, originally comprised singer Scott Gertken, guitarists Matt Arana and Rock Davis, bassist Rich Criebaum and drummer Brian Pearia.
Most of the members began playing together in the second half of the '90s in a band called Mesh Slt releasing in 2001 an album which included the Mainstream Rock top 30 single "Maybe Tomorrow".

During 2004 the quintet recorded their debut album, "Coming Up For Air", which includes the first single "Sick Inside"; before the record was released Arana parted ways with the band and was replaced by guitarist Zach Broderick.

Modern Day Zero issued its second album, "The Wait", in May 2007 before going on indefinite hiatus.


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Modern Day Zero pictures:

  • Modern Day Zero band 2004 Modern Day Zero band 2004
    Group shot 2004

Coming Up For Air (2004)

Coming Up For Air
1. Sick Inside
2. Better Side Of Me
3. Smother Me
4. Broken
5. Way Out
6. Nothing's Ever Fine
7. When You Lie
8. Down
9. It Don't Matter
10. Rise
11. Clear Day
12. Watch Me Drown
13. Concentrate

The Wait (2007)

The Wait
1. Superhuman
2. Spit You Out
3. In My Life
4. Everything
5. Disappointed
6. Show Me
7. Take
8. Piss It All Away
9. As Soon As You Let Me
10. Spit You Out [acoustic]
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