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Monster Truck

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Monster Truck band photo 2013

Monster Truck Biography

The modern Hard-Rock band Monster Truck was formed in the spring of 2009 in Hamilton, Ontario CANADA, by lead singer + bassist Jon Harvey, guitarist Jeremy Widerman, organist Brandon Bliss and drummer Steve Kiely.

The following year the quartet put out an eponymous EP but the release of their 2011 "The Brown" EP propelled the band to new heights and landed them on tours with big names like Slash, Deep Purple and playing alongside Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper.

In May 2013 Monster Truck released their debut full-length album, "Furiosity", which contains the Canadian Active Rock #1 smash single "Sweet Mountain River".


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Monster Truck pictures:

  • Monster Truck band 2009 Monster Truck band 2009
    Monster Truck band 2009

Furiosity (2013)

1. Old Train
2. The Lion
3. Power Of The People
4. Sweet Mountain River
5. Psychics
6. Oh Lord
7. For The Sun
8. Boogie
9. Undercover Love
10. The Giant
11. Call It A Spade
12. My Love Is True
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