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Mother Love Bone

Mother Love Bone bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Mother Love Bone

Mother Love Bone photo 1990
from left: Jeff Ament, Andrew Wood, Greg Gilmore, Bruce Fairweather and Stone Gossard

Mother Love Bone Biography

This Grunge Alternative-Rock band was formed in Seattle, Washington USA, in 1988 by vocalist + pianist Andrew Wood, guitarist Stone Gossard, second guitarist Bruce Fairweather, bass player Jeff Ament and drummer Greg Gilmore.

The quintet released their debut EP, "Shine" and after completing their first national tour, they returned to the studio to record their 1990 full-length debut, "Apple".
On March 19, 1990, after three days in a coma, Andrew Wood was removed from life support and passed away; he died of a heroin overdose coupled with a cerebral hemorrhage just before the release of Mother Love Bone's debut album.
Wood's death was a tragedy that broke the group's career.

After recording the Temple Of The Dog tribute-album in Wood's memory, Gossard and Ament went on to form the highly successful group Pearl Jam.


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Mother Love Bone pictures:

  • Andrew Wood Andrew Wood
    Andrew Wood
    (Jan. 6, 1966 – Mar. 19, 1990)

Shine [EP] (1989)

Shine - EP
1. Thru Fadeaway
2. Mindshaker Meltdown
3. Half Ass Monkeyboy
4. Chloe Dancer / Crown Of Thorns
5. Capricorn Sister
6. Zanzibar

Apple (1990)

1. This Is Shangrila
2. Stardog Champion
3. Holy Roller
4. Bone China
5. Come Bite The Apple
6. Stargazer
7. Heartshine
8. Captain Hi-Top
9. Man Of Golden Words
10. Capricorn Sister
11. Gentle Groove
12. Mr. Danny Boy
13. Crown Of Thorns
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