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Mother Mother Biography

Since the band's conception as an acoustic Folk-Rock trio in 2005, Mother Mother became a force to be reckoned with, reputed as an act who challenges the conventions of popular music, cultivating a sound all their own. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA, guitarist + singer Ryan Guldemond started the band with his sister, Molly Guldemond on vocals and with vocalist Debra-Jean Creelman. Mother Mother was finally completed with the addition of bass player Jeremy Page and drummer Kenton Loewen.

In early 2007 the group released their quirky experimental debut album "Touch Up" on Last Gang Records; although not a mainstream success, the disc marked the band as one to watch.

Their sophomore release arrived in September 2008, "O My Heart" was a more focused effort which received rave reviews, strongly securing Mother Mother as a relevant act in North America.
Founding vocalist Debra-Jean Creelman left the band in late 2008 to pursue other musical projects, she was replaced by singer + keyboardist Jasmin Parkin. The band also acquired a new drummer in Ali Siadat.
No stranger to life on the road, Mother Mother's relentless touring has built a large and dedicated fan base. They've graced the stage with such artists as Weezer, Pearl Jam and Spoon and have also toured with Canadian Rock institutions Sam Roberts and Matthew Good.

"Eureka", the third studio album from the Vancouver quintet was released in March 2011 and offered up eccentric, hook laden Pop-meets-Rock songs housed in creative arrangements with clever lyrics and intricate harmonies. The CD peaked at #8 on the Top Canadian Albums chart and included the Alternative-Rock top 3 hit "The Stand".

In September 2012 Mother Mother put out "The Sticks", another Canadian hit album which reached the #11 spot in their native country.


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Mother Mother pictures:

  • Mother Mother band lineup 2007 Mother Mother band lineup 2007
    The band line-up 2007 (L-R) Debra-Jean Creelman, Jeremy Page, Molly Guldemond, Ryan Guldemond and Kenton Loewen

Touch Up (2007)

Touch Up
1. Dirty Town
2. Polynesia
3. Angry Sea
4. Oh Ana
5. Legs Away
6. Love And Truth
7. Train Of Thought
8. Verbatim
9. Neighbour
10. Ball Cap
11. Tic Toc
12. Touch Up
13. Little Hands

O My Heart (2008)

O My Heart
1. O My Heart
2. Burning Pile
3. Body Of Years
4. Try To Change
5. Wisdom
6. Body
7. Ghosting
8. Hay Loft
9. Wrecking Ball
10. Arms Tonite
11. Miles
12. Sleep Awake

Eureka (2011)

1. Chasing It Down
2. The Stand
3. Baby Don't Dance
4. Original Spin
5. Born In A Flash
6. Simply Simple
7. Problems
8 . Aspiring Fires
9. Getaway
10. Far In Time
11. Oleander
12. Calm Me Down

The Sticks (2012)

The Sticks
1. Omen
2. The Sticks
3. Let's Fall In Love
4. Business Man
5. Dread In My Heart
6. Infinitesimal
7. Happy
8. Bit By Bit
9. Latter Days
10. Little Pistol
11. Love It Dissipates
12. Cry Forum
13. Waiting For The World To End
14. To The Wild
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