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Motionless In White

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Motionless In White

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Motionless In White Biography

Motionless In White came out of Scranton, Pennsylvania USA, with a sound combining Industrial and dark-electro-atmospheric elements with Goth-Metal. The band started in 2005 when lead singer Chris 'Motionless' Cerulli, guitarist Mike Costanza, bass player Frank Polumbo and drummer Angelo Parente were still in high school.

Over the next five years the group only released two EPs but their sparkling live shows won them a legion of fans.

The band went through several line-up shifts before recording their first full-length album, "Creatures". The disc was released in October 2010 on Fearless Records when the band featured two Motionless In White's former members, Cerulli and Parente, along with lead guitarist Ryan Sitkowski, rhythm guitarist Thomas 'TJ' Bell, keyboardist Joshua Balz and bassist Ricky 'Horror' Olson. The sextet's first album peaked at #31 on the U.S. Top Independent chart.
Following the departure of 'TJ' Bell, the band hired bass player Devin 'Ghost' Sola and consequently Olson went on to occupy the rhythm guitar spot.

"Infamous", the sophomore album from the Pennsylvanian Metalcore band was released in November 2012 and quickly catapulted into the top 10 of the Independent chart; it also reached #53 on The Billboard 200.
Four months after the album's release Angelo Parente left the group and was replaced by new drummer Brandon Richter. Around this time the single "A-M-E-R-I-C-A" broke inside the Active Rock top 40 chart.


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Creatures (2010)

1. Immaculate Misconception
2. We Only Come Out At Night
3. London In Terror
4. Abigail
5. Creatures
6. Cobwebs
7. .Com Pt. II
8. Count Choculitis
9. City Lights
10. Puppets (The First Snow)
11. Undead Ahead
12. Scissorhands (The Last Snow)

Infamous (2012)

1. Black Damask (The Fog)
2. Devil's Night
3. A-M-E-R-I-C-A
4. Burned At Both Ends
5. The Divine Infection
6. Puppets 2 (The Rain)
7. Sinematic
8. If It's Dead, We'll Kill It
9. Synthetic Love
10. Hatefuck
11. Underdog
12. Infamous
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