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Mower photo 2006

Mower Biography

Launched in the late '90s in San Diego, California USA, with a reputation for heavy-Rock, inciting lyrics and insane stage performance Mower is driven by Dominic Moscatello and fellow lead singer Brian Sheerin; the line-up also features guitarist Matt Wannamaker, bassist Chris McCredie and the band's original drummer Ryan Toth.

The San Diego-based powerhouse began a frenzy of networking and managed to find their way onto some big bills traveling around their hometown; early shows with GWAR, HED p.e., System Of A Down and a Vans Warped Tour date in 1999 raised eyebrows in the music industry. Momentum grew steadily and the list of prominent acts they had performed alongside grew with it, shows with Deftones, Linkin Park, P.O.D., Staind, Sprung Monkey, Nonpoint and others fueled the band's desire to tour and progress toward bigger things.
It wasn't until 2003 that the band was able to sign to Suburban Noize Records, release their self-titled debut and begin touring nationwide.

Mower's next CD, "Not For You" was released in May 2006 and the band toured for a month with HED p.e. in support of the disc which included the single "Road Rage" and the free MP3 audio track "Broken Hands".

"Make It A Double" followed in July 2009.


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Mower (2003)

Mower self-titled album
1. Champion intro
2. Wrestle With The Pig
3. Snitch
4. Faded
5. Pieces
6. NND
7. Cause
8. You're Out, Get Out
9. Shut Up And Skate
10. In Memory
11. Michael
12. Long Awaited Riot
13. Champion outro

Not For You (2006)

Not For You
1. American Psycho
2. Road Rage
3. 10' X 10'
4. The End
5. Look Away
6. Broken Hands
7. Mpyp
8. General Admission
9. U-Turn
10. Undone
11. Not For You
12. L.A. Riot
13. Zone
14. Seedless
15. California Dreamin'

Make It A Double (2009)

Make It A Double
1. The Party
2. Wolves
3. The Start
4. Shneak
5. The Song We Don't Speak Of
6. Escaped
7. Sicko
8. Alien
9. Faded
10. Road Rage
11. Pieces
12. Undone
13. U Turn
14. Shut Up And Skate
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