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The Mowgli's

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The Mowgli's

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The Mowgli's Biography

Indie Folk-Rock ensemble The Mowgli's formed in 2010 by five childhood friends from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California USA, counting on contributions by three Mid-Western transplants. The complete line-up features Katie Jayne Earl on vocals + percussion, Colin Louis Dieden on vocals + guitar, Michael Vincze on guitar + vocals, Josh Hogan on guitar, Dave Appelbaum on keyboard, Matthew Di Panni on bass, Spencer Trent on percussion + guitar & melodica and Andy Warren on drums.

In 2012 the group put out their first full album, "Sound The Drum". After being signed to Island/Def Jam Records in the fall, the band released an EP which included the Alternative Songs top 20 hit single "San Francisco", a song also featured on both "Sound The Drum" and on their major-label debut "Waiting For The Dawn".

"Waiting For The Dawn" was released in June 2013 tickling the upper reaches of The Billboard 200 list; this second album includes another single: "The Great Divide".


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The Mowgli's pictures:

  • The Mowgli's band 2012 The Mowgli's band 2012
    Group shot 2012

Sound The Drum (2012)

Sound The Drum
1. Hi Hey There Hello
2. San Francisco
3. Waiting For The Dawn
4. Slowly, Slowly
5. Time
6. Gambler's Hall
7. The Great Divide
8. Ca$h
9. Carry Your Will
10. See I'm Alive
11. I've Been Around
12. Colin's Song
13. Together (We Are One)
14. We Are Free

Waiting For The Dawn (2013)

Waiting For The Dawn
1. San Francisco
2. Slowly, Slowly
3. Waiting For The Dawn
4. Love Is Easy
5. Clean Light
6. Time
7. Emily
8. The Great Divide
9. Say It, Just Say It
10. Leave It Up To Me
11. Carry Your Will
12. Hi, Hey There, Hello
13. We Are Free
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