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Mr. Mister

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Mr. Mister band

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Mr. Mister Biography

The Pop-Rock act Mr. Mister was conceived in 1981 in Los Angeles, California USA, after two session musicians, lead vocalist + bassist Richard Page and keyboardist Steve George, decided to form a proper band. It was 1982 when the two began auditions, they then met guitarist Steve Farris; drummer Pat Mastelotto was the last to join. Mr. Mister's birth was a fact in spring of that same year.

By June the quartet signed to RCA, they started to record their material and the first album was finished by the end of the next year. "I Wear The Face" was finally released in early 1984, it reached the #170 position on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and the main single, "Hunters Of The Night", became a moderate hit climbing to #55 on The Billboard Hot 100.

In May 1985, Mr. Mister released their sophomore album, "Welcome To The Real World", which soared to #1 on The Billboard Top 200 chart and spawned three smash singles, the first of which, "Broken Wings", hit #1 on The Billboard Hot 100 and #4 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks, additionally the song went to #4 in U.K. and topped the Canadian Singles chart. The follow-up single, "Kyrie", peaked at #1 on all the North American charts and "Is It Love" crested at #8 on Billboard's Hot 100 and #17 on The Mainstream Rock charts.

The band retutned in September 1987 with their third album, "Go On...", unfortunately, this album didn't receive the attention that it deserved and stalled at #55 on the U.S. Top 200 chart; only one single, "Something Real (Inside Me/Inside You)" reached the top 30 of The Billboard Hot 100.

During the promotional tour irritation and jealousy grew between Page and Farris, they were constantly argueing about who was supposed to be the band's leader; Farris eventually left the Misters in the summer of 1988.

Mr. Mister finally decided to break up.


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I Wear The Face (1984)

I Wear The Face
1. Hunters Of The Night
2. Code Of Love
3. Partners In Crime
4. 32
5. Runaway
6. Talk The Talk
7. I'll Let You Drive
8. I Get Lost Sometimes
9. I Wear The Face
10. Life Goes On

Welcome To The Real World (1985)

Welcome To The Real World
1. Black / White
2. Uniform Of Youth
3. Don't Slow Down
4. Run To Her
5. Into My Own Hands
6. Is It Love
7. Kyrie
8. Broken Wings
9. Tangent Tears
10. Welcome To The Real World

Go On... (1987)

Go On...
1. Stand And Deliver
2. Healing Waters
3. Dust
4. Something Real (Inside Me / Inside You)
5. The Tube
6. Control
7. Watching The World
8. Power Over Me
9. Man Of A Thousand Dances
10. The Border
11. Bare My Soul
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