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Mudcrutch photo 2008

Mudcrutch Biography

The beginning of this Classic-Rock group can be traced back to 1971 when Tom Petty on bass and guitarist Tom Leadon, the brother of Bernie Leadon of Eagles, decided to form their own band, calling themself Mudcrutch. Later, Petty recruited Randall Marsh on drums. The band needed a second guitarist and Marsh suggested Mike Campbell, who was his roommate in college at the time. Petty and Leadon later persuaded Campbell to join after hearing him play the song "Johnny B. Goode"; Campbell's quick finger action impressed Petty. Jim Lenahan was initially the lead singer in Mudcrutch, but after a short while left to go to college.

In 1973 Mudcrutch recorded two tracks, "Up In Mississippi (Tonight)" and "Cause Is Understood" at Criteria Studios in Miami. Tom Leadon gets kicked out of the band due to a incident at Dub's bar, that got them fired from doing gigs there. Benmont Tench then joined the band to play piano. The band recruited a new guitarist named Danny Roberts and Mudcrutch's first demo tape was recorded in Benmont Tench's parent's living room.
In the early '70s, they were heroes in their hometown of Gainesville, Florida USA. Mudcrutch seemed poised for more. A series of festivals they hosted at their base, Mudcrutch Farm, eventually attracted fans from across North Florida and as far away as South Georgia.
Looking to build on their regional successes, Mudcrutch moved to California and released one single on Shelter Records, "Depot Street". But the band never cracked the national music scene or made a full album. Each of the members went on to other musical and personal ventures.

In the summer of 2007, Tom Petty reunited Mudcrutch, consisting of himself, Tom Leadon, Randall Marsh, Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench.
Now, more than 30 years later, Mudcrutch finally has its debut album; the band released its self-titled LP on Reprise Records in April 2008; it quickly bulleted into the top 10 of the U.S. Billboard 200 and the first single, "Scare Easy", climbed the radio charts receiving airplay across the country on both Album Rock and Heritage Rock radio formats.


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Mudcrutch pictures:

  • Mudcrutch band mid 70s Mudcrutch band mid 70s
    The band line-up 1973 - clockwise from bottom left: Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Randall Marsh, Danny Roberts & Tom Petty

Mudcrutch (2008)

Mudcrutch self-titled album
1. Shady Grove
2. Scare Easy
3. Orphan Of The Storm
4. Six Days On The Road
5. Crystal River
6. Oh Maria
7. This Is A Good Street
8. The Wrong Thing To Do
9. Queen Of The Go-Go Girls
10. June Apple
11. Lover Of The Bayou
12. Topanga Cowgirl
13. Bootleg Flyer
14. House Of Stone
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