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Mudvayne photo 2005

Mudvayne Biography

This Peoria, Illinois USA Alternative-Metal band was formed in the mid-'90s by four guys: vocalist Spag born Chad Gray, guitarist Gurrg real name Greg Tribbett and drummer Kud born Matthew McDonough; bass player Ryan Martinie, who nicknamed himself Ryknow, was the last to join the ranks.

They self-released a demo-disc entitled "Kill I Oughta" in 1997 which landed them a recording contract with Epic Records and then all the members began performing live with surrealistic makeup.
After an American tour as opening act for Slipknot, in August 2000, Mudvayne released its major label debut album, "L.D. 50" referred to the pharmacological count for lethal dosages, it debuted at #85 on The Billboard Top 200 chart selling over half a million copies; the record contained two Mainstream Rock top 40 hits: "Dig" and "Death Blooms".

Over the course of the following year, the band continued to tour heavily playing on the same stage with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and System Of A Down; in November their debut disc was repackaged and re-issued by Sony Music under the title "The Beginning Of All Things To End", the set included 17-minute-puzzle "L.D. 50" plus two remixes of "Dig".

The next album of new material came out in November 2002, "The End Of All Things To Come" smashed into the top 20 of The Billboard 200 chart spawning "Not Falling" which peaked at #11 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks and the Active Rock top 20 hit "World So Cold". All the members of Mudvayne in the meantime changed their nick-names: Spüg for Spag, Chüd for Kud, Güüg for Gurrg and R-üD for Ryknow. They supported the album at 2003's Summer Sanitarium stadium tour with Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Deftones.

The quartet returned in April 2005 with "Lost And Found", their fourth full-length disc of all-new-material was preceded by the promotional video for the opening track "Determined". The CD broke fast, with three singles becoming top 10 at Active Rock radio, including the #1 smash "Happy?", "Forget To Remember" and "Fall Into Sleep". "Happy?" also hit #8 on The Modern Rock Tracks. The album ultimately achieved gold status in U.S. and held the #2 spot on The Billboard 200, in addition it stormed its way across world and up the Australian charts, where it leapt to #12.

Two years later Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett along with members of Pantera, Damageplan and Nothingface released an acclaimed album under the banner of HELLYEAH.

In November 2007 Mudvayne delivered a compilation loaded with rarities, demos, live versions and two new tracks which scaled The Billboard Top 200 Albums list reaching the #51 position; the previously unreleased song "Dull Boy", released as a single, quickly bulleted into the top 20 of The Hot Mainstream Rock chart.

Exactly a year later the Peoria metallers issued their fourth studio album, "The New Game". It crawled up to #15 on The Billboard 200 chart while "Do What You Do", shot to #2 on The Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks; the second single off the CD, "Scarlet Letters", rocketed to #7 on the same chart.

December 2009 saw Mudvayne release its latest offering, a self-titled affair which features an innovative package, the entire album is printed in blacklight reactive ink. It includes the Billboard Rock Songs top 30 hit "Scream With Me".


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