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The Music band

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The Music Biography

Alternative-Rock Pop-Rock band formed in 1999 in Kippax, near Leeds ENGLAND, by school friends Rob Harvey on vocals, Adam Nutter on guitar, Stuart Coleman on bass and Phil Jordan on drums.

In 2001 the guys released their first single, "Take The Long Road And Walk It", on the small U.K. independent label, Fierce Panda; it was followed by an EP and one year later arrived their self-titled debut full-length album, which peaked at #4 on the British Albums chart spawning the top 20 hit single, "The Truth Is No Words", the album also charted in Japan, Australia and cracked the American Billboard Top 200.

In May 2004 The Music decamped to recording studios in Atlanta; their second effort, "Welcome To The North", saw the light of the day in October. It contained the single "Freedom Fighters" which hit #17 in Britain and the Modern Rock top 20 hit "Breakin".

The Music released another studio album, 2008's "Strength In Numbers", before disbanding in mid-2011.


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The Music (2002)

The Music self-titled album
1. The Dance
2. Take The Long Road And Walk It
3. Human
4. The Truth Is No Words
5. Float
6. Turn Out The Light
7. The People
8. Getaway
9. Disco
10. Too High

Welcome To The North (2004)

Welcome To The North
1. Welcome To The North
2. Freedom Fighters
3. Bleed From Within
4. Breakin
5. Cessation
6. Fight The Feeling
7. Guide
8. Into The Night
9. I Need Love
10. One Way In, No Way Out
11. Open Your Mind
12. The Walls Get Smaller [hidden track]

Strength In Numbers (2008)

Strength In Numbers
1. Strength In Numbers
2. The Spike
3. Drugs
4. Idle
5. The Left Side
6. Fire
7. Get Through It
8. Vision
9. The Last One
10. No Weapon Sharper Than Will
11. Cold Blooded
12. Inconceivable Odds
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