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MuteMath photo 2011

MuteMath Biography

Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana USA, this Alternative-Rock collaboration between longtime friends, singer + keyboardist Paul Meany, guitarist Greg Hill, bassist Roy Mitchell-Cardenas and drummer Darren King had crept up on the music scene with the onslaught of a worldwide fan-base driven to their website from countless video blogs and non-stop touring; they melds organic instruments with electronic elements for a cutting edge, distinctive sound.

Three years after their formation, Teleprompt signed the quartet in 2004 issuing the 7-track EP "Reset" later in the year.
The band's eponymous full-length project was finally released in September 2006; "MuteMath" reached the #17 position on the Billboard Top Heatseekers Albums chart and the infectous single "Typical" broke into the top 40 of The Modern Rock chart.

In late 2008 the eclectic and inspired quartet churned out a new single entitled "Spotlight" which was featured on the soundtrack of the film "Twilight".
The song also appeared on their second full-length disc, "Armistice". Released in August 2009, it contained another 100 XR's favourite tune: "Backfire" and earned them a reputation as one of modern music's most daring groups.

Greg Hill quit during the recording of the band's next album but MuteMath has turned things around by picking up a new guitarist in Todd Gummerman. Their third album, "Odd Soul", came out in October 2011 and became their most successful to date breaking into the top 30 of The Billboard 200 list. It was preceded by the overpowering extracted tune of the same name and its accompanied innovative Youtube-reliant interactive audio/visual remix board; the second single, "Blood Pressure", peaked at #28 on The Alternative Songs chart in December and was followed by "Allies" in early 2012.


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MuteMath pictures:

  • MuteMath band 2006 MuteMath band 2006
    Group shot 2006

MuteMath (2006)

MuteMath self-titled album
1. Collapse
2. Typical
3. After We Have Left Our Homes
4. Chaos
5. Noticed
6. Plan B
7. Stare At The Sun
8. Obsolete
9. Break The Same
10. You Are Mine
11. Control
12. Picture
13. Stall Out
14. Reset

Armistice (2009)

1. The Nerve
2. Backfire
3. Clipping
4. Spotlight
5. No Response
6. Pins And Needles
7. Goodbye
8. Odds
9. Electrify
10. Armistice
11. Lost Year
12. Burden

Odd Soul (2011)

Odd Soul
1. Odd Soul
2. Prytania
3. Blood Pressure
4. Tell Your Heart Heads Up
5. All Or Nothing
6. Sun Ray
7. Allies
8. Cavalries
9. Walking Paranoia
10. One More
11. Equals
12. Quarantine
13. In No Time
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