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The Network

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The Network band

The Network band photo 2004

The Network Biography

The Electro-Rock outfit The Network was essentially an extremely mysterious collaboration between Green Day and members of Devo. The band was comprised of singer + guitarist Fink, guitarist Balducci, keyboardists Z and Captain Underpants, bassist Van Gough and drummer The Snoo.

In September 2003 they released an album, "Money Money 2020", on the indie Adeline Records label of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. The CD included two minor Modern Rock hit singles: "Spike" and "Roshambo".


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The Network pictures:

  • The Network band 2003 The Network band 2003
    The Network

Money Money 2020 (2003)

Money Money 2020
1. Joe Robot
2. Transistors Gone Wild
3. Reto
4. Supermodel Robots
5. Money Money 2020
6. Spike
7. Love And Money
8. Right Hand-A-Rama
9. Roshambo
10. Hungry Hungry
11. Spastic Society
12. X-Ray Hamburger
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