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Nina Persson

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Nina Persson

Nina Persson photo 2013

Nina Persson Biography

Nina Elisabet Persson was born on September 6, 1974, in Örebro, SWEDEN. she is most widely known as the lead singer of the Swedish perfectionist indie Pop-Rock band The Cardigans, but Persson also had a solo side project as A Camp, issuing two albums under this banner.
Among her collaborations with other artists, most remarkable are the ones with Welsh group Manic Street Preachers for the 2007's U.K. top 3 smash "Your Love Alone Is Not Enough" and a duet with Mark Linkous featured on 2010's Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse album titled "Dark Night Of The Soul".

In February 2014 Nina Persson released her first solo album, "Animal Heart", through the London-based independent label Lojinx Records.


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Nina Persson pictures:

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    Nina Persson late '90s

Animal Heart (2014)

Animal Heart
1. Animal Heart
2. Burning Bridges For Fuel
3. Dreaming Of Houses
4. Clip Your Wings
5. Jungle
6. Food For The Beast
7. Digestif
8. Forgot To Tell You
9. Catch Me Crying
10. The Grand Destruction Game
11. Silver
12. This Is Heavy Metal
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