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No Address Biography

The Alternative-Rock band No Address formed in Tallahassee, Florida USA, by singer + songwriter Ben Lauren; in 2000 he started the process of setting up the band which included Lauren, guitarists Phil Moreton and Justin Long, bassist Bill Donaldson and drummer Randy Lane.

The quintet wrapped the sessions for their debut album in August 2004; "Time Doesn't Notice" was finally released in spring 2005. It included the single "When I'm Gone (Sadie)", which hit #12 on The Mainstream Rock chart and #21 on The Modern Rock Tracks.


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Time Doesn't Notice (2005)

Time Doesn't Notice
1. Perfect
2. Love At Your Momentum
3. When I'm Gone (Sadie)
4. Lasting Words
5. It's All Right
6. How Could I?
7. Mother Sunday
8. Never Coming Back
9. Too Proud
10. Step Away
11. Time
12. Pretty Girl
13. Walk Away
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