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Oleander band

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Oleander Biography

This Alternative-Rock four-piece act was formed in the second half of the '90s when singer+guitarist Thomas Flowers, guitarist Ric Ivanisevich, bassist Doug Eldridge and drummer Fred Nelson Jr. started up a new band taking their name from the highly-poisonous oleander plants which grow in California.

The Sacramento-based quartet in late 1997 released their independent debut full-length disc "Shrinking The Blob" which contained two local radio hits, "Down When I'm Loaded" and "Why I'm Here".
In the summer of the following year the band was signed to Republic Records who released in February 1999 their second album, "February Son", the record cracked The Billboard Top 200 chart and the relit single "Why I'm Here" smashed into the top 3 of The Mainstream Rock; a second single "I Walk Alone" made top 20 in the same chart.
Before the band began recording their next album Nelson left and Scott Devours replaced him on drums.
Almost exactly two years later Oleander issued "Unwind" which reached the #94 spot on The Billboard 200 Albums chart and its main single, "Are You There?", hit #6 and #19 respectively on Mainstream and Modern Rock charts.
The quartet during 2002 inked a new deal with Sanctuary, toured throughout the United States performing as a support act for Nickelback and planned the release of their new album; "Joyride" arrived in the spring of 2003 but failed to chart, the lone single "Hands Off The Wheel" reached #25 on Active Rock chart.


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