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Operator band

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Operator Biography

Formed in Los Angeles, California USA, the Alternative-Rock outfit Operator consisted of members Johnny Strong on vocals, ex-Puddle Of Mudd guitarist Paul James Phillips, Ricky Thomas on guitar, Wade Carpenter on bass and Dave Moreno on drums.

The band's debut full-length disc "Soulcrusher", with its thunderous rhythms and passionate melodies was released on Atlantic Records in July 2007. The title-track, the album's first single, slammed into The Hot Mainstream Rock chart peaking at #8 and also reached the #29 spot on The Hot Modern Rock Tracks; it was followed by another Active Rock top 30 hit: "Nothing To Lose".


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Soulcrusher (2007)

1. Soulcrusher
2. Nothing To Lose
3. Make 'Em Pay
4. So Little Time
5. Delicate
6. What You Get
7. The Only One
8. Burn Up The Road
9. Black Cloud
10. Good Enough
11. Live Your Way
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