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Osaka Popstar

Osaka Popstar bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Osaka Popstar

Osaka Popstar band photo
L to R: Jerry Only, Marky Ramone, John Cafiero and Dez Cadena

Osaka Popstar Biography

Vocalist John Cafiero is the creative force behind Osaka Popstar and this ultra Punk-Pop masterpiece. A long-time collaborator of the Misfits, Cafiero grew up in the stellar orbit of The Ramones and the heroic army of first wave New York City Punk rockers.

Joined by such friends as guitarists Ivan Julian and Black Flag's Dez Cadena, bass player Jerry Only and the legendary drummer Marky Ramone of The Ramones, in May 2006 the band released an album called "Osaka Popstar And The American Legends Of Punk" which featured the single "Wicked World".


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Osaka Popstar And The American Legends Of Punk (2006)

Osaka Popstar And The American Legends Of Punk
1. Wicked World
2. Astro Boy
3. Sailor Moon
4. Man Of Constant Sorrow
5. Insects
6. I Live Off You
7. Xmas intro (That Almost Wasn't)
8. The Christmas That Almost Wasn't
9. Love Comes In Spurts
10. Blank Generation
11. Monsters
12. Where's The Cap'n?
13. Shaolin Monkeys
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