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Our Lady Peace

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Our Lady Peace

Our Lady Peace band photo 2009

Our Lady Peace Biography

The Alternative-Rock band Our Lady Peace, taking the name from a Mark Van Doren World War II poem, was founded in 1992 by vocalist Raine Maida and guitarist Mike Turner in Toronto, CANADA; the early line-up included bassist Chris Eacrett and a young Jeremy Taggart on drums.

After playing some gigs in and around their hometown, the quartet put together 11 songs to form their debut album; "Naveed" was released in March 1994 in Canada and a year later south of the border; the album became a hit in their homeland on the strength of the single "Starseed"; the track eventually cracked the top 10 on both the U.S. Mainstream and The Modern Rock charts. The band spent over two years on the road playing 350 shows, including high-profile gigs with Bush; meanwhile Eacrett left the band, to be replaced by Duncan Coutts on bass.

Our Lady Peace's next album, "Clumsy", which arrived in January 1997, was an instant smash in Canada, less than a month after its release, the record hit double-platinum reaching the top of the National Albums chart and went on to sell a whopping one million copies in Canada alone. After the U.S. spring release, "Clumsy" peaked at #76 on The Billboard Top 200 chart, the title-track hit #5 on The Modern Rock chart and peaked at #13 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks; the second single, "Superman's Dead", reached the #11 and #14 slots on that same charts; the final single, "4am", barely missed the top 30 of The Modern Rock list and helped the album go platinum.

"Happiness... Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch", was released in September 1999, their third effort shot to the #1 spot on the Top Canadian Albums chart and reached the #69 position on the U.S. Top 200 chart; the main track, "One Man Army", was in the top 20 of the Canadian Singles chart for various weeks and peaked at #13 on the Billboard's Modern Rock list; the subsequent "Is Anybody Home?" single also hit the top 20 of The Modern Rock chart.

A year later Our Lady Peace released a sophisticated concept album inspired by Ray Kurzweil's "The Age Of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence"; the record entitled "Spiritual Machines" reached #10 in Canada, failed to crack the top 80 in the United States with only one Modern Rock charting single: "Life".

In the fall of 2001 Mike Turner left the band just before they began recording their fifth album, Steve Mazur took his place as guitarist; the Pop-friendly "Gravity" rose to #2 on The Top Canadian Albums chart and shot to #9 on The Billboard 200 becoming their best chart-placing to date in the United States; the first single, "Somewhere Out There", became the band's first Hot 100 entry at #44 and peaked at #7 on The Modern Rock Tracks; "Innocent" was another Modern Rock top 20 hit for the band.

2003 saw the release of the live compilation "Live From Calgary And Edmonton", another strong success for the group in their homeland, the set peaked at #5 on the National Albums chart.
The post-Grunge rockers returned in August 2005 with their sixth studio album, "Healthy In Paranoid Times"; it soared to #2 in Canada and reached the #45 position in U.S. led by the Modern Rock top 30 single "Where Are You".

In the fall of 2006 Our Lady Peace released its long-awaited greatest-hits album, "A Decade", the collection included 16 tracks that spanned the OLP's career, ending with two new songs.

One year later frontman Raine Maida released his first solo CD.

in July 2009 Our Lady Peace unleashed a new album titled "Burn Burn". Self produced by the band and recorded at Maida's home studio in Los Angeles, "Burn Burn" marked a return to the hard driving Rock songs the band displayed on their first LP; the disc hit the top 3 in Canada and peaked at #41 in U.S. highlighted by two Alternative Songs top 40 hits: "All You Did Was Save My Life" and "The End Is Where We Begin".

April 2012 saw the release of the quartet's eighth regular studio album, "Curve", prefaced by the energetic Canadian Active Rock #1 single, "Heavyweight".


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