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Ours - Jimmy Gnecco

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Jimmy Gnecco 2008

Ours Biography

The Alternative-Rock outfit Ours is the recording project of talented singer + guitarist & songwriter, Jimmy Gnecco. Born and raised in New Jersey, USA, he began his musical career in 1992 and built a strong following playing shows in New York City.

By 1997, Jimmy Gnecco's Ours had sparked a label bidding war that was ultimately won by DreamWorks Records.
For the first Ours album, "Distorted Lullabies", Gnecco went on to play with an array of musicians helmed by critically acclaimed producer Steve Lillywhite; the record was released in May 2001 and was met with beaming critical praise; the single "Sometimes" enjoyed regular rotation at alt-Rock radio across the country and almost cracked the top 30 of the Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks.

November 2002 saw Ours unleash its sophomore effort, "Precious"; it became the band's first album to break into The Billboard 200.

A perfectionist known for taking his time on his albums, Gnecco spent several years honing the third Ours album with Rick Rubin. The band, now comprised of Gnecco, Locke on guitar + keyboards, Static on guitar, Race on bass and Pit on drums, released "Mercy (Dancing For The Death Of An Imaginary Enemy)" in the spring of 2008. The disc, which featured the single "The Worst Things Beautiful", reached the #33 position on the Top Independent Albums chart.

Two years later Jimmy Gnecco returned with his first solo album, "The Heart".


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Ours pictures:

  • Ours band lineup 2002 Ours band lineup 2002
    The band line-up 2002