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Rob Overseer photo 2003

Overseer Biography

Hailing from Leeds, ENGLAND, Rob Overseer began his career as a DJ releasing two indie EPs "The Zeptastic" and "Hit The Tarmac" during the second half of the '90s. He combined heavy-Rock riffs with modern element of dance beats.

His debut album, "Wreckage", was issued in 2003, it included the single "Horndog" and a series of cuts used for action sequences in films and computer games.


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Overseer pictures:

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Wreckage (2003)

1. Slayed
2. Stompbox
3. Supermoves
4. Velocity Shift
5. Horndog
6. Meteorology
7. Aquaplane
8. Doomsday
9. Basstrap
10. Sparks
11. Never
12. Heligoland
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