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Paloalto band 2003

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Paloalto Biography

Alternative-Rock Pop-Rock band founded in Los Angeles, California USA, in the late '90s by singer + guitarist & songwriter James Grundler who recruited lead guitarist Jason Johnson, bassist Alex Parnell and drummer Steve Clark.

They finished recording the debut album in March 2000, during the sessions, Clark left and was replaced by Florian Reinert, additionally keyboardist Andy Blunda joined the group.

Three years later, Parnell and Johnson had left the band and Paloalto were a four-piece with bass player Tommy Black. The band's second album, "Heroes And Villains", was released in the summer of 2003 and supported by the single "Fade Out/In".


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Paloalto pictures:

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Paloalto (2000)

Paloalto self-titled album
1. Depression Age
2. Sonny
3. Monolith
4. Throw The Brick
5. Home
6. Some Things Must Go This Way
7. The Mayor And The Seizure Pills
8. Coming Back From The Sun
9. Too Many Questions
10. Swim
11. Beauty Of Disaster
12. Made Of Stone

Heroes And Villains (2003)

Heroes And Villains
1. The World Outside
2. Fade Out / In
3. Last Way Out Of Here
4. Breathe In
5. Going Going Gone
6. Throwing Stones
7. What You Are
8. Bones
9. Sleeping Citizens
10. Hangman
11. Always Running Home
12. Seed
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