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The Panic Channel

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The Panic Channel band

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The Panic Channel Biography

This Alternative-Rock band got its start when Jane's Addiction announced their official split in June 2004; however three of the former members, guitarist Dave Navarro, bass player Chris Chaney and drummer Stephen Perkins, decided to continue working together under a new name; they hired singer + guitarist Steve Isaacs and The Panic Channel was on the map.

The band played their first official show in Los Angeles, Clifornia USA, in late 2004 and the foursome spent the better part of the next year completing their debut album, "(ONe)"; the set hit stores in August 2006 and eventually reached #110 on The Billboard 200. The main single off the CD was the soaring "Why Cry", it peaked at #33 on The Hot Modern Rock list and #39 on The Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks.


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(ONe) (2006)

1. Teahouse Of The Spirits
2. Left To Lose
3. Bloody Mary
4. Why Cry
5. Awake
6. She Won't Last
7. Said You'd Be
8. Outsider
9. Blue Bruises
10. Night One
11. Listen
12. Lie Next To Me
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