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Paolo Nutini

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Paolo Nutini

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Paolo Nutini Biography

Born on January 9, 1987 and raised in Paisley, SCOTLAND, Paolo Nutini is a talented singer+songwriter blessed with a soulful, passionate voice and the natural gift of being able to tell a story in a song. Despite their Italian name, the Nutini family has lived in Paisley for at least four generations. Paolo's musical education began with his late grandfather, who introduced him to Scottish Folk songs as well as a wide range of other styles. At 16, Nutini hit the road with a friend's band, acting as roadie, T-shirt vendor and occasional on-stage support act. From there, the die was cast, he quit school in Glasgow and moved to London, where he started performing regularly at clubs around town.

In July 2006, Nutini's moving first single, "Last Request", went straight into the U.K. chart at #5. The debut album, "These Streets", followed at #3 on the Official Pop Albums chart, going gold in less than two weeks and certified platinum just four short weeks later. In addition to its popular success, the album received a bounty of critical praise. A truly charismatic live performer, Paolo Nutini supported such superstars as Paul Weller, The Rolling Stones and Robert Plant. "Last Request" was eventually released in the U.S. in early 2007 along with the Hot Adult Top 40 hit "New Shoes".

His second album, "Sunny Side Up", arrived in May 2009 peaking at #1 in U.K. and producing two top 40 hit singles with "Candy" and "Pencil Full Of Lead". In America the disc reached #57 on The Billboard Top 200 list and #19 on the Top Canadian Albums chart.

Latest News:

Almost five years after the release of his previous effort, Paolo Nutini steps back in the ring with "Caustic Love", his third album which is set to drop on April 14, 2014.


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