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Papercut Massacre

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Papercut Massacre

Papercut Massacre photo 2009

Papercut Massacre Biography

The Alternative-Rock band Papercut Massacre was conceived by Mississippi-bred vocalist Joey Culver in 2008 in Memphis, Tennessee USA, where Culver, who previously fronted the short-lived act Atomship, put his new band together with guitarists Shawn Morgan and Darin Davies and drummer Jerry Meadows.

Signed to Wind-Up Records, Papercut Massacre went to work recording their debut album titled "If These Scars Could Talk", which was eventually released in May 2009. Shortly afterwards they were joined by bass player Eddie Tyre. The lead track off of the disc was "Left 4 Dead" which peaked at #33 on The Hot Mainstream Rock chart.


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If These Scars Could Talk (2009)

If These Scars Could Talk
1. Pink Lighted Suicide
2. Million Miles
3. Left 4 Dead
4. Jaxon
5. Curse Of The Broken Hearted
6. In The Middle
7. Down
8. Part Of You
9. Come Undone
10. Late Night Lullaby
11. Lose My Life
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