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The Parlor Mob

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The Parlor Mob

The Parlor Mob photo 2011

The Parlor Mob Biography

Formed in 2004 in Red Bank, New Jersey USA, The Parlor Mob initially consisted of vocalist Mark Melicia, guitarists Paul Ritchie and David Rosen, bassist Nicholas Villapiano and drummer Sam Bey. The group performed with great frequency around home and in nearby New York City. They self released a mini-album shortly after recorded at home in Red Bank.
The music, a Rock sound whose 21st century kick is as potent as its formidable 20th century influences, coupled with frantic live shows led to Roadrunner signing the band in the summer of 2007.

The quintet recorded their debut album, "And You Were A Crow", that fall. Relocating to Asheville, North Carolina, they brought the songs to life at Echo Mountain Recording studio and released the disc in May 2008. The 12-song set included the Hot Mainstream Rock top 40 hit "Hard Times".

A few months after they had begun to focus on their sophomore album, Villapiano left the band. He was replaced by new bass player Anthony Chick and The Parlor Mob finally put out "Dogs" in October 2011; the record contained two powerful Active Rock radio singles "Into The Sun" and "Fall Back".


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The Parlor Mob pictures:

  • The Parlor Mob band 2008 The Parlor Mob band 2008
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And You Were A Crow (2008)

And You Were A Crow
1. Hard Times
2. Dead Wrong
3. Everything You're Breathing For
4. The Kids
5. When I Was An Orphan
6. Angry Young Girl
7. Carnival Of Crows
8. Real Hard Headed
9. Tide Of Tears
10. My Favorite Heart To Break
11. Bullet
12. Can't Keep No Good Boy Down

Dogs (2011)

1. How It's Going To Be
2. Into The Sun
3. Fall Back
4. Practice In Patience
5. American Dream
6. I Want To See You
7. Hard Enough
8. Cross Our Hearts
9. Take What's Mine
10. Slip Through My Hands
11. Holding On
12. The Beginning
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